Our instruction is always to undress to your level of comfort. You are always in control of the massage session and this includes your clothing choice. Some people choose to be completely undressed during their sessions. Some feel more comfortable wearing their underpants or athletic shorts. And some are most comfortable fully clothed. Any of these choices are perfectly fine. Unless you are fully clothed, we use strict draping.

In many cases, clothing is preferred as it allows the client to get up off the table and see how certain movements feel after a bit of work. This is often important in pain management and sport therapy work. In this case, it is very common to wear loose or flexible athletic wear to your appointment. For men, a pair of athletic shorts or briefs works great. For ladies, a sports or regular bra and athletic shorts works great as well. Table Thai and Energy Work are done fully clothed in comfortable attire. Nothing constricting like jeans.