No. Techniques may be uncomfortable at times but it should only be in a pleasantly uncomfortable kind of way. Our clinic uses gentle, non-painful forms of modalities that often have a reputation for being painful.

Craniosacral Therapy is done using a pressure floating around the weight of a nickle.

Pain is subjective and everyone’s tolerance is different. We use a 0-10 scale where 0 is no pain at all and 10 is ‘too much’ pain. We always try and stay less than a 5 on your personal 0-10 scale. Occasionally we make enter 7 territory but rarely and never for long.

Effective massage and bodywork is not just about depth of pressure. It’s about using the right pressure at the proper angle in the location that can influence the body most dynamically. If you’re the type of person that wants your bodywork session to hurt, we won’t be a good fit for you.