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What We Do

MELT is a result driven massage therapy office. We treat athletes of all levels and pain manage- ment clients. Our therapists are trained to give you results as effectively as possible. Whatever your goals are during your session, we want to help create a change in your soft tissues to meet them. 

Our therapists are athletes.
Our therapists have the heart of a teacher.
Our therapists do not live in a lack mentality.
Our therapists are passionate about learning and honing our craft and skill daily. 

Common Treatment Goals

  • Relieving muscle pain 

  • Relieving chronic muscle tension 

  • Improving athletic performance 

  • Decreasing post-workout muscle soreness 

  • Developing better body awareness 

  • Increasing range of motion 

  • Sleeping better 

Let’s Get You Better, Together

Contact us today to set up your appointment and start your road to feeling and living better.