We aim to offer Massage and Bodywork Therapies that effectively alleviate pain and tension in our clients. Our approach is grounded in scientific principles, while remaining open to other sources of knowledge and understanding. The heart of our mission is to facilitate the elevation and expansion of our clients’ perceptual awareness, which can harmonize positive changes in their lives.


“What an amazing and energizing session with Josh! Can’t wait until my next appt!!”
– JS

“What an amazing experience! Not only does my back feel so much better but it was just an incredible calming, enlightening experience. Josh was so in tune with what was happening with my body. Thoroughly enjoyed and booking my next session!”
– CL

“I cannot say enough good things about Josh as a massage therapist. He is always on top of the latest information in his field. He is passionate and motivated. He is kind and trustworthy. Most of all his massage techniques leave me feeling amazing!”
– ME

“I’ve had the strongest reemergence of normal feeling in my left leg than I’ve ever had before! Thank you, Josh!”
– RW


Josh Thomas
Josh ThomasPrinciple Therapist
Principal therapist at MELT Massage