Our mission is to provide highly skilled and focused massage and bodywork therapy in North Raleigh for pain management, athletic performance, and overall well-being.

Our objective is to reduce chronic tension, unwind soft tissue restriction, increase natural movement options, reduce pain complaints, and help our clients to develop better body awareness in order to meet our mission.


“I went to MELT for the first time today, after suffering a neck/shoulder injury a few weeks ago, and am very impressed with Josh. I appreciate his scientific approach and way of explaining what he is doing, and why. Despite having bad experiences in the past with male therapists, I felt at ease. Josh was very professional, and went out of his way to make me feel extremely comfortable. This is not like a massage chain, if you are looking for a targeted treatment and effective results, this is the place to go!”
– CC

“I have chronic knee pain, which can result in flair ups that make simple tasks, like walking, difficult. In the past, I have found temporary relief with other massage therapists, but usually the pain is back within hours. After ONE session at MELT Massage, my pain was alleviated, and I haven’t experienced any flare ups in months.”
– JP

“I cannot say enough good things about Josh as a massage therapist. He is always on top of the latest information in his field. He is passionate and motivated. He is kind and trustworthy. Most of all his massage techniques leave me feeling amazing!”
– ME

“Josh is amazing at listening to his clients. This is not a one size fits all massage. He is able to take what he hears in conjunction with his considerable knowledge about the body and deliver a massage tailored to his clients. And he does so with the utmost professionalism.”
– GD


Josh Thomas
Josh ThomasPrinciple Therapist
As the principal therapist at MELT Massage, Josh serves individuals who wish to relieve soft tissue pain, perform better in athletics, unwind stuck soft tissues, and live with more ease and body awareness.